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Are there other law restrictions?

Yes, the most relevant are:
• Fly over towns and a military area is not allowed.
• Important roads must be crossed perpendicularly: flying straight over them is not allowed.
• The maximum flight height is 500 ft (about 150 m) over the top of the highest point in a 3 km (1,86 miles) radius. This limit is raised to 1.000 ft (about 300 m) during weekends and holidays, keeping away at least 5 km (3,1 miles) from the nearest airport and outside any controlled airspace.
See Italian Aeronautical Chart.

Can radio set be used during flight?

Only recently, the Eurocom LPD’s (433Mhz) have been completely deregulated, so that their use in flight is totally free. On the opposite, use of the classic ham-radio on 144 MHz, is not allowed in flight.

Is a qualified tandem instructor, coming from abroad, allowed to operate in Italy?

No, only instructors certified by the Italian National Aeroclub are eligible to operate.

What about tandem flight: is a foreigner pilot allowed to commercially operate?

No foreigner pilot is allowed to perform tandem flight.

Is school activity allowed and can a foreign instructor run a school session in Italy?

No, all school activities are strictly forbidden to non-Italians.

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