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Where to fly?


FIVL has issued a Map of the italian flying sites, with indication of HG and PG take off and informations for club and meteo contacts as well.

We remember to all pilots that every site has different features, and all attendees are warmly encouraged to follow with attention the specific indications, both for flight characteristics and site access, in order to avoid any possible quarrel with landowners. Life of our sites is strictly dependent from these relationships.


  • Pay attention to the rules showed by the kiosk or/and foldings in the landing area;
  • Before moving to Italy for a flying session, always contact in advance, through our web site, the clubs of the area in the region you are looking for. The sites managers can provide useful information, particularly about restrictions for the time, season or events, sometimes avoiding you an unsuccessful trip: their indications must not be disregarded.

As everywhere, restrictions are at the doorstep, just waiting for a mistake from our side: help us not to give such opportunity to stop flying!


  • Pay attention to airspace rules, both in general and for local area;
  • Respect the collision avoidance rules;
  • During cross country flying, pay attention to the aeronautical chart indications;
  • Respect the site environment (use of appropriate parking areas, trekking paths, correct littering in the proper bin, etc.);
  • Respect of other pilots and activities;
  • If an accident take place, raise the alarm by dialling 118 valid all over Italy. Give always the right position: village name, GPS position, state of injured if possible.

We hope all these tips will help guest pilots coming from abroad, to approach flying activities in Italy in the correct way, following the rules governing our sport, always keeping in mind that, our behaviour is the passport to the future of air sports.

The informations shown by the map come from FIVL data base and are updated to March 2003. Further updating and/or infos are available at FIVL website.

FIVL would greatly appreciate receiving informations about mistakes showed by the map.

Should this occurs, please write to or or call +39 011744991.

Any reproduction, total or partial, by any means, in Italy or abroad, is not allowed.

Price: 5,00 Euro.

Trade terms are available for quantity orders.