Airspace Restrictions


Airspaces not allowed to HG-PG:

  • Any Airspace classified A, B, C, D, E
  • Any Prohibited area, notified by the letter P on aeronautical maps
  • Any Restricted area, notified by the letter R on aeronautical maps
  • Any space in a radius of less than 5 km surrounding controlled aerodromes.

You must have an up-to-date Italian aeronautical chart if flying cross-country or anywhere other than club sites where you have had a comprehensive local airspace briefing.

Flight level ? Italian law

  • Weekdays
    Up to 500 ft above ground and/or in any cylinder with a top surface of 3 km radius, positioned 500 ft above the nearest higher peak and centered on it.
  • Weekends & Holidays
    Up to 1000 ft above ground and same as above except for 1000 ft instead of 500 ft.Pilot shall also check for specific or temporary restrictions (NOTAMs), particularly in eastern Italy, where HG/PG activity is subjected to special rules, due to military activity.


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