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Main Principles Of The Law


  • Responsibility
    It is the pilot?s responsibility, at any time and under any circumstance, to comply with the rules of airworthiness, and to take all possible measures to avoid dangers to himself and others pilots, and behave accordingly.
  • Flying
    Flying activity is permitted from dawn to sunset, outside clouds, in meteorological conditions allowing a continue visual reference to the ground, to the obstacles and any possible kind of traffic.
  • Distance
    It is formally forbidden for an aircraft to be flown so close to another as to create danger of collision.
  • Priority rules among different aircrafts
    Free flight gliders shall give way to all kinds of aircrafts except microlights.
  • Overtaking
    When required by these rules to give way, a glider shall avoid passing over, under or ahead of another, unless well clear.

Airspace Restrictions


Airspaces not allowed to HG-PG:

  • Any Airspace classified A, B, C, D, E
  • Any Prohibited area, notified by the letter P on aeronautical maps
  • Any Restricted area, notified by the letter R on aeronautical maps
  • Any space in a radius of less than 5 km surrounding controlled aerodromes.

You must have an up-to-date Italian aeronautical chart if flying cross-country or anywhere other than club sites where you have had a comprehensive local airspace briefing.

Paragliders and Hang-Gliders can fly VFR in GOLF airspace


Welcomes to visiting pilots.  

FIVL, the Italian Hang gliding, Paragliding and Kite Association warmly welcomes you to its home pages.
This is place of never ending passion: the flight in the simplest, most pure and easy to practice form.
FIVL, established since 1976, as HG community first, joined later by PG and Kite, is strictly involved in writing the history of this sport.
Free flying is not merely a sport: it?s a philosophy, it?s an art, it?s a way of life, that needs to be redeemed by mock prejudices mantling their practice and limiting their diffusion as well.
Not in a wild search for excitement or an absurd desire for the extreme, but rather in a search for an awareness of flight as a means for a more intimate understanding of the human soul, undertaken with discipline, consciousness and self-control.
Our practice is completely in harmony with the environment: free flight is a non polluting, noiseless and nature respecting sport.
There are a lot of different ways to practice: somebody could take pleasure just flying downhill in a late afternoon when sun glaze is changing perceptions and sensations.
Today safer gliders give the pilot total control, freedom and tranquillity to savour a bird's eye view of the breathtaking landscapes our country has to offer, accompanied by  that dreamlike feeling of rising in broad spirals borne by wings lighter than air.
This way, the emotions are bigger, and the satisfaction on achieving our objectives more complete.
One of the most important condition to fly safely, is keeping the brain ?switched on?: any restriction of age or social condition; we are not, and for sure we will not be, special people.
We simply are passionate and proud to be pilots.
So, come flying with us: what are you waiting for? 


Information for foreing pilots flying in Italy:

FIVL for foreigners

Airspace restrictions

Main principles of law

Where to fly in Italy?

Luca Basso
FIVL President