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FIVL for Foreigners


The Italian law mandates for a minimum of 1.6 millions coverage for third party liability, including:
- coverage for damage cause by gross negligence
- the insurer's obligation to compensate the injured party directly
-⁠ ⁠the prohibition for the insurer to oppose to the injured third party, within the limits of the insured sum, exceptions arising from the contract
or clauses providing for the possible contribution of the insured to the compensation of the damage, without prejudice to the insurer's possibility
of recourse against the insured to the extent and in the cases provided for by the contract
-⁠ ⁠the extension of coverage to damages caused to any person, other than the insured, without limitations relating to family, professional or similar relationships
If your insurance provides at least this kind of coverage and it is valid in Italy, you can fly legally.

If your insurance is not sufficient, FIVL provides an insurance designed for foreign pilots who want to fly in our country.
The insurance provides a single-seater third party liability coverage well above the legal requirements (2.5 million euros) and it costs 30 euros.
It is valid for 30 days from the date of stipulation,
and it is renewable.
Territorial validity ITALY ONLY.
To request the activation of the policy please send the following documents:

- The FIVL membership form, which you can download by clicking the orange button below.
- a copy of your personal ID document (or passport) - valid to travel in Italy - and tax code or SSN (if you have one).

- a copy of the certification of recidency
- a copy of the certification of the country of origin FAI IPPI CARD level 3
- a copy of the payment made, via bank transfer to Unicredit Banca made out to:

ASD FIVL : IT 16P 02008 01122 000101160192.

Foreigners insurance form


The cost of this FIVL special membership is € 10,00 and it is valid for the current solar year.
The insurance cost is € 30,00 and it is valid for 30 days. The insurance cover limit is 2,500,000 Euros. Mind that if you're already FIVL member, the insurance cost is € 30,00
If you're not yet a FIVL member, the payment for this insurance must be € 40,00
All the documents indicated above must necessarily be sent to FIVL's office: email