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Dolomites area: new rules (2019) - Rodolfo Saccani

Flying in the Dolomites? Take note:

In order to fly in the dolomites area of Trentino, this year you need:
- Required: Minimum one red smoke bomb to be used in case of accident
- Suggested: the app “112 Where ARE U” installed on your phone (it’s free both for Android and iOS)
- Suggested: one PMR radio always tuned on the 8-16 safety channel

Smoke bombs can be purchased in Canazei at the shop “Sport amplatz”.
The smoke bomb must be activated in case of accident if you need help.
When flying, if you see the red smoke leave the area in order to leave free airspace to the helicopter.
If you had an accident, call the 112 phone number (the app does that for you while providing at the same time your exact position to the emergency team), then activate the smoke bomb if you need to be rescued.

The PMR radio must be tuned on channel 8 and subchannel 16 (for the tech-savy channel 8 and CTCSS subtone 16). That's why we call it channel 8-16, in Italy it's a channel conventionally used for safety in the mountains.
For the real radio geek, the frequency is 446,09375 MHz and the subtone is 114,8 Hz.
This radio channel cannot be used to call for rescue but keep listening for any contact.


Download the depliant by clicking here.


Rodolfo Saccani, commissione sicurezza FIVL